Building A Food Truck? Let Us Do It For You!

Looking to build a food truck and get it out on the road? Florida Food Truck Builders helps build food trucks by modifying, fabricating, and installing so you don’t have to!

We’ve seen a growing and dramatic need in the street food industry for building food trucks and food trailers over the past few years. Through the many conversations we have had and our experience dealing with all kinds of trucks and trailers, we have begun to offer food truck modification and food truck fabrication services to help even the most amateur of food truck operators get up and running. Whether you are looking to purchase a food truck, or just have some appliances installed – we’re here to help you through every step of the way!

One Florida Food Truck Builders many completed trucks!

Others will mention building your food truck in the quickest way possible. That’s what sets us apart. At Florida Food Truck Builders, we want to give you the highest quality food truck possible. This means we take our time and use our experience to truly give you the dream truck that you want.

This not only gives you insight into what is going to work best for you concept, but oftentimes, through our knowledge of design, fabrication, and refurbishment, we can save you time and money in the long run! From custom generator compartments to avoid cumbersome lifting, to wrap preparation on the outside of the truck, we have done it all. We can help you too!

Just starting out? Our food truck seminar helps answers the initial questions you may have when you are just entering the market. Our seminars go over everything from how to get your truck insured, how effectively market your food truck, learning about local trusted food truck mechanics, and more. Our Food Truck Seminars occur every 6 weeks and are offered online and in person.  Register here.

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