3 Reasons Why Food Trucks are Trending in the Office Food trucks are thriving in the business industry for other reasons than just their delicious food!

Having a food truck at your workplace is convenient and functional compared to traditional catering services. Below, we have created three reasons why your next work event should include a food truck:

  1. Fresher Food

Food trucks are able to provide the freshest food possible because they are on wheels. If they need something for their menu, they can easily drive themselves to the store to get the ingredients. Your employees will be happy you took the time to schedule our Lake Nona food trucks for your corporate event because of our fresh food options!

  1. Can Easily Accommodate for Food Allergies

Ensuring your employee’s food allergies are communicated effectively to catering services is important to ensure their health and safety! Food trucks allow easy communication between the customer and the cook to ensure all food allergies are known before consumption.

  1. No Kitchen? No Problem!

Food Trucks are great for the workplace if your office does not have a kitchen area for your employees. This is ideal because it allows your employees to eat delicious food without having to worry about the clean-up process.

Food trucks offer a wide variety of benefits for your corporate events. If you are considering catering for your next office event, look to Orlando Food Truck Catering! Contact us today at 407-900-6481 to learn more about our cuisine catering options.