Looking for how to make your house party unforgettable? Food Trucks are an easy way to do so!

Orlando house party catering
Actual size food trucks at an event we hosted!

Let’s be real with each other. Everyone is tired of the mini sandwiches and the boring charcuterie boards. Does anybody truly enjoy food that is already out and cold by the time your guests get to it?

We have a new type of solution for you to make sure everyone on your block in Winter Park remembers the house party you threw! Orlando Food Truck Catering can provide the variety and unique experience that you need through their extensive network of food trucks that we have spent years developing relationships with.

Food trucks have a few different benefits to think about as your planning your next Winter Park get together:

We can service as large of a group as you need. As an example, we have served 5000 people in under 30 minutes. Your house party might not be that big, but we’ve dealt with all different sizes and have the experience to tell you what you actually need to make your event a true success.

Interested in having our Mobile DJ Truck come in and get your party jumping? Don’t forget to ask about tables, chairs, and other event necessities we can help with. Call Orlando Food Truck Catering today at 407-900-6481 to learn more!