Food Truck Catering | Oveido

Oveido is becoming one of the hottest new food truck scenes in Central Florida. From food truck rallies to food truck catering, Oveido has started to become quite the hot spot for food trucks from all over. Why not take advantage of some those local trucks at your next event? Whether you have 400 or 5,000 guests, food truck catering has proved a unique and enjoyable option for guests of all ages time and time again. 

Corporate Catering

Looking to impress your client? Build morale internally? Celebrating a company milestone? Go from boring old boxed hot lunches to full-on employee appreciation parties to supercharge your workforce with delcious food. We are your one stop shop destination for food truck catering at your next big event. We lighten your work load by taking over the troubles of booking the trucks, working out the menu, and executing food service at your event itself, giving you the time to spend with your coworkers or clients at the event you put together! Whether the food truck catering will be the center spotlight of the event, or an added bonus for your guests, we know how to cater in Oveido with food trucks like the back of our hand. We can even provide ideas for games, chairs, and a Mobile DJ Truck to liven up the party!

Private Parties

Bring the Central Florida food trucks that we have relationships with to your block party! Dependent on your guest count and length of service we can easily advise you on how many trucks you should book. We have been facilitating events since 2011, and can help direct you to exactly what we need. Whether you are hosting a massive event, or celebrating graduation at your house, hot and fresh meals can be served with a plethora of options and a kitchen that comes to you!

Wedding Catering

Let us help you create a wedding to never forget in Oveido. More and more brides are now opting for food truck catering for a variety of reasons. A huge concern of theirs is that regular catering can get cold by the time the last person in the buffet shuffles through. A bad food experience doesn’t lead to a raving review on your special day. With food truck catering, we have everything made to order so that everything your guests touch is piping hot! Whether you are looking for full service catering, cake alternatives, service for just the rehearsal dinner, or even food truck catering for the bridal shower, we’re here to help!

In any of the above scenarios, we make clean up easy, and offer some other add on items for a one stop shop such as a rentable wedding arch, mobile dance floor, tables, chairs, linens, lighting, bar service, and more! Let Orlando Food Truck Catering make your day extra special!

Interested? Give us a call today at 813.802.9119 or fill out the form below to discuss your Oveido event and how Food Trucks might play a part in making it a true success.

3 Questions For a Food Truck Wedding – Thornton Park

Orlando Food Truck Wedding
Planning a wedding can make anyone’s head spin. Combine all of the other elements with the fact that you have to make sure that all of your guests have food that are suitable…..our head is spinning just thinking about it! How do you feed all of your guests with enough variety for your picky aunt or your cousin’s kids? Having a food truck wedding might grab your attention, but you should ask yourself a few questions before diving into it. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself (and your spouse to be!) to determine if a food truck wedding is right for you:
  1. Does your venue allow outside catering? – If you are considering using food trucks for your event, the first question to ask is if your selected venue allows food from outside caterers. Sometimes this practice is encouraged, or you may actually have to pay a small fee. Worst case scenario, the venue may have a policy that prohibits outside food altogether. It’s best to ask the management team of your venue about their policy before you commit to a location. The next item to consider is where you would like them to park. See your event coordinator for their recommendation so the food will be accessible, but not interfere with your overall event layout.
  2. How do you envision your guests being served their meals? – There are several different ways that you can use a Food Truck to service a wedding depending on your preferences. You can utilize them buffet style, ordering directly from the truck, boxes set out for guests to grab and go, or use a butler to pass out hors d’oeuvres! When weighing these options also consider how fast you would like your guests to be served. Depending on the size of your wedding, you may opt to have guests serve themselves at a buffet, or utilize wait staff to expedite service. Some couples want to treat their guests to a more authentic food truck experience by having them order directly from the truck itself. For this particular style, advance planning is recommended to help serve guests as quickly as possible.Corporate Catering in Orlando
  3. What is the best way to utilize a food truck at your wedding? – Food trucks can provide a variety of services ranging from simple appetizers to entree service either at your rehearsal dinner or reception. Looking for a little more variety than a traditional wedding cake? Dessert-focused food trucks can create a dessert buffet or personalized arrangement for your special day. Consider a sundae bar or cupcakes for guests to choose from to create a memorable experience for all your guests! At Orlando Food Truck Catering we offer not only food trucks for hire, but also comprehensive event planning services. Don’t forget to ask us about bar and drink services, table and chair rental, catering management, or our Mobile DJ Truck. We can help you create the perfect event almost anywhere, and food trucks can be utilized for just about any event leading up to, during and after your big day as well – the stag, bachelorette and engagement parties, bridal showers, post-wedding brunch or even a late-night reception snack. The options are nearly endless!
  4. What type of cuisine would you like to serve? – The street food scene in Orlando is pretty unparalleled (ranked #3 in the country by Food Truck Nation) meaning you have a long list of food trucks to choose from! Take some time to think about what cuisine reflects you as a couple, and that would be enjoyed by all of your guests. Are you looking for something culturally authentic? Or food with mass appeal? Some popular options include (but of course are not limited to) Lobster, Authentic Tacos, Tamales, Hawaiian, Grilled Cheese, Poke Bowls, Loaded French Fries and Steak Sandwiches! If you think that’s a mouthful, that’s just the entrees. Round out your meal with something sweet such as Brownies, Cakes and Cupcakes, Cheesecakes, Coffee, Cookies, various Deep-Fried Desserts, Gelato, Gluten-Free Desserts, Milkshakes, Mini Donuts, Pies, Soft Serve Ice Cream, and Sorbet or a Sundae Bar! Have fun dreaming up a custom menu that best fits your day, and we will help pair you with a truck and chef who are best equipped to bring your ideas to life.
  5. What do your guest list and budget look like? – You may be thinking a food truck is cheaper than a traditional caterer. It can be, but that isn’t always the case. When comparing vendors be mindful of the total cost of service. Some catering companies will tack on extra fees at the end, not to mention mandatory gratuity. Our pricing is all-inclusive, and the cost of hiring a food truck takes into account how many hours of service will be needed, as well as the number of guests and items being served. Details like food and labor costs, mileage to the location, and more can also influence the cost of your catering. To get the most accurate quote, have a rough headcount in place and be open to discussion with us. If a quote comes in higher than anticipated, we can help pinpoint what’s the biggest cost and help you determine if it’s something that can be adjusted.

Wedding Food Trucks

Looking to make your wedding catering an unforgettable experience? Check out our Orlando Food Truck Wedding Catering page or call our offices today at 813-802-9119. You can also leave your information at the form below to discuss how we can help plan your special day, and make it one your guests will rave about for years to come.

Employee Appreciation Events – Food Trucks in Lake Nona

Has your team been hitting their goals quarter after quarter?

Orlando food trucks

Have you thought about an employee appreciation event to show appreciation for your employees over some delicious food in the Lake Nona area? Look no further than Orlando Food Truck Catering! With our extensive experience catering events as large as 5000, we can provide the perfect cuisine to show your employees that you truly appreciate them.

Not only do we have relationships with the local food trucks to give your employees a delicious lunch, but we also have the experience to make setup, logistics, breakdown and clean-up a breeze for your organization. The less you have to worry about the details, the more you can ensure your employees have a fantastic day at work.

We all know the happy employees are more productive ones! They are more likely to work harder for you and more likely to stay with your company as well. Fantastic food is a great way to build those relationships even stronger.

Here at Orlando Food Truck Catering we are very experienced in providing all the details to have a memorable catered event for your employees. Whether you have 100 or 5,000 employees, we can handle it all! We can provide tables, chairs and even have a Mobile DJ Truck that can truly bring a great atmosphere for what is sure to be an enjoyable event. We can do lunch, dinner, dessert, small plates, appetizers, snacks, second lunch, and even third lunch (those are very real things at our office). Call us at 813-802-9119 or fill out the form below to start the conversation. We are here to help!

Winter Haven Food Trucks – Bring The Best Trucks To You!

Corporate Catering in Orlando

Ever wonder why you can’t seem to find the perfect food truck for the Winter Haven area? Although there are tons of Food Trucks in the area, they never seem to be all in the same place. This is an issue Orlando Food Truck Catering has been tackling for years now.

We want to provide the best cuisine for whatever event you want to host. We have taken the time to truly develop the local relationships in the Winter Haven area to be able to coordinate the ideal trucks for your upcoming event. Whether this is a corporate event for employee appreciation or an outdoor wedding, we have the delicious menus to make sure all of your events have a long-lasting effect that all of your guests will remember for years to come.

Here are a few ideas of themed events (complete with Food Trucks cuisines) that are sure to impress at your next catered event:

  1. Traditional FL Seafood – From grouper sandwiches to gator bites with fries, we have spent years developing the relationships with the best seafood trucks in town to give your guests a traditional FL welcome.
  2. Maryland Seafood – Being in the beautiful sunshine state, we have a plethora of seafood options. Wanna switch things up from your traditional Florida seafood options? How about some traditional Maryland crab cuisine? We have the connections to get you in touch with food trucks that can celebrate our proximity to the water.
  3. Appeal to All with Variety – Do you know you have some picky eaters? Want to make sure that you are checking all the boxes in terms of cuisine? From Loaded Tostones to Grilled Cheese Burgers (yes, you read that right), we can ensure that you have enough options to keep everyone’s tummy happy.

Interested in hosting your own event with Food Trucks? There are only a few steps you need to complete to get started.

  • Determine your dates, location, and number of attendees
  • Have an idea of the type of cuisine you’d like (we can help with that also!)
  • Fill out the form below so one of our representatives can reach out to you
  • Sit back kick your feet up while we handle set up, break down, and all logistics!

Want to talk through the details with an experienced professional? Call Orlando Food Truck Catering today at 813-802-9119 to discuss the details! Don’t forget to ask about tables, chairs, and other features, including our Mobile DJ Truck to keep the party going.

Putting On Food Truck Events – Downtown Orlando

Downtown Orlando has some of the best food trucks in the nation. We can all agree that Orlando has a blend of cultures that culminate into delicious creations in the form of Food Trucks! Putting on a Food Truck event, however, requires a lot of work.  At Orlando Food Truck Catering, we’ve helped to cater hundreds of events, weddings, corporate events and more!

If you are looking to have an event and are unsure what the best way is to feed your guests, look no further than Orlando Food Truck Catering! With years and years of experience, we have the local knowledge and relationships to make your food concepts come to life to supercharge your next event!

Orlando food trucks

Corporate caterings are one of our specialties. Complete the party with a Mobile DJ Truck and Dance floor! We have it all to ensure your employees, guests, or friends have an event they will remember for years to come! With the backdrop of Downtown Orlando combined with our Food Truck catering expertise, getting food to your event can be a breeze. We’re a one-stop shop for food truck catering, chairs, tables, music, lighting, and more. We even do weddings!

Want to get started? If you have further questions or a specific request, feel free to give us a call at 813-802-9119 or fill the form below to get started!

How To Build A Food Truck In Orlando – 5 Important Things

Do you have a passion for food, business, and portability? There are plenty of folks that say they want to start a Food Truck. You look serious though. There are so many things to consider, however. The expertise we have at Florida Food Truck Builders may be able to help you figure out a few of the main things to consider.

We live, breath, and book food trucks. As renowned experts in the food truck field, our expertise spans from brand conception to coordinating caterings for thousands of people. We consult, sell and modify food trucks, share best practices with potential food truck owners, and much more. We have compiled the top 5 considerations as you look to start your Food Truck journey:

One of the complete models that Florida Food Truck Builders has completed!

  1. Buying a Food Truck – It’s crucial to build a Food Truck right…not fast. Not only do we build Food Trucks from ‘scratch’, but we also purchase, refurbish, and sell completed Food Trucks to people looking to get a jumpstart on their Food Truck process. This can save a lot of time if you’re looking to get started sooner rather than later. There are several sites, including Florida Food Truck Builders, that market and sell these trucks and trailers.
  2. Food Truck Fabrication – Do you already have a truck? Just need some help in getting things started? We recommend speaking to a few existing Food Truck owners to ensure you have what you need, it’s up to standards, and you are good-to-go from a code perspective. The building process does take longer, but it’s worth it in the long run. You want your truck built correctly and not just quickly.
  3. Food Truck Insurance – Here at Florida Food Truck Builders, we take insurance seriously, and if you’re a business owner or thinking about becoming one, you should, too. It protects your customers, your employees, your business, and you. After working with dozens of agents and agencies, we found one group that really stood out: Fairchild, Addison & McKone. The company offers exceptional expertise in insurance service and a culture with employees who genuinely care. Regardless of who you use, insurance is essential to run an effective truck.
  4. Employees/Staffing – With all of the business side of the truck, it’s important you have someone to staff it! Plenty of owners work within their trucks, but you can’t do it all. You need consistent employees that understand the basic concepts of working in a Food Truck that are reliable, courteous, and efficient. Need some help finding those folks? Check out our potential employee page here.
  5. Food Truck Wrapping/Aesthetics – Branding matters. Whether it’s your name, the concept, and especially the truck. No one wants to eat at a truck that doesn’t look like it is in tip-top shape. From wrap prep (priming and painting before the truck gets wrapped) to design and execution, these are all crucial elements to consider.

We know that there are tremendous amounts of things to consider when you are starting a food truck. We recommend attending one of our Food Truck Seminars (in-person or remote) to learn about everything you need to know to start your truck.

Want to list your food truck or food trailer for sale on our Florida Food Truck Builders site? Email or call (813) 802-9119 for more details.

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5 Things To Consider – Food Truck Event Orlando

Food Trucks in Orlando are on the rise. According to The US Chamber of Commerce Foundation‘s Food Truck Nation Report, Orlando ranks #3 for the entire country for Food Truck environments. We all know that food trucks are hip, trendy, & delicious! They make for a great event and provide an ambiance that few other things can provide in beautiful, sunny Florida.

So you’re thinking of hosting a food truck event in Orlando? Here are a few things to consider before you get started:

  1. Hire an agency – Oftentimes, agencies – much like Orlando Food Truck Catering – have tons of experience. Hiring one can save you time and money in the long run. They have relationships with the food trucks, are experienced in handling logistics, and know how to run an efficient event whether you’re serving 150 people or 5000.
  2. Have activities –  Food trucks can’t be your only attraction. The more types of activities that you can provide, the more people that you can attract! The food may draw them in initially, but the other activities, games, and interactive ideas will make them bring their friends.
  3. Play some music! – Who wants a stale event? A little bit of music can lighten up your event, and get people grooving while they enjoy some delicious food.
  4. Variety of cuisines – A variety of cuisines is crucial so that you can serve as many people as possible. Unless your event is geared towards a particular style or type of food, we recommend giving many options (depending on the number of attendees) so that you can appeal to the pickier-eaters as well.
  5. Promote, promote, promote! – Whether promoting by word of mouth, social media, or through news publications, it’s vital to get the word out. Simply having an event won’t be enough. Promotion can often be the most difficult piece to a successful event because you are dealing with all the other details that come along with putting something together. Reach out to an agency should you need help!

Still have questions? Want someone to bounce ideas off of? Give Orlando Food Truck Catering a call today at 813-802-9119 or fill out the form below to get started.

House Party In Winter Park? A Food Truck Is What You Need!

Looking for how to make your house party unforgettable? Food Trucks are an easy way to do so!

Orlando house party catering

Actual size food trucks at an event we hosted!

Let’s be real with each other. Everyone is tired of the mini sandwiches and the boring charcuterie boards. Does anybody truly enjoy food that is already out and cold by the time your guests get to it?

We have a new type of solution for you to make sure everyone on your block in Winter Park remembers the house party you threw! Orlando Food Truck Catering can provide the variety and unique experience that you need through their extensive network of food trucks that we have spent years developing relationships with.

Food trucks have a few different benefits to think about as your planning your next Winter Park get together:

  • No set up or clean up! – You can actually enjoy your guests with these portable kitchens and be the host you always wanted to be
  • Variety of choices – Depending on the size of your event, we will recommend the amount or types of food trucks to fit any style, theme, or size of group. Have some ideas for cuisine you’d like and one of our professionals can help direct you to the best choices to keep everyone happy
  • Choose how’d you like to serve food – We have the capacity to serve it directly from the truck, have pre-made meal vouchers (so there are no long lines or wait times), or serve it through a staff you have hired. The portable kitchen ensures everything is fresh and served to your guests in the best way possible
  • A truly distinctive event – Your neighbors will be sure to love you and will be salivating (pun intended) for your next party. Become the block’s favorite hosts with aFood Truck (or Trucks) at your next House party.

We can service as large of a group as you need. As an example, we have served 5000 people in under 30 minutes. Your house party might not be that big, but we’ve dealt with all different sizes and have the experience to tell you what you actually need to make your event a true success.

Interested in having our Mobile DJ Truck come in and get your party jumping? Don’t forget to ask about tables, chairs, and other event necessities we can help with. Call Orlando Food Truck Catering today at 813-802-9119 to learn more!

Thinking of Destination Weddings in Orlando? Here Are Some Ideas For Catering Your Special Day

Your wedding day should be one to remember for the rest of your life! Florida is home to a diverse range of cultures and food and is a perfect place to plan a destination wedding that fits your needs. Are you thinking about making your way to Sunshine State for your special day? With Orlando’s beautiful blend of diverse thoughts, ideas and food, we can’t think of a better place to make your dreams come true with your partner.

Wedding Food Trucks

With Orlando’s plethora of cultures that all come together, your choices are endless for food options! Have a taste of Mexico without leaving the country through Tameles or Authentic Tacos or bring some of the New England culture with you with our Lobster truck. The food truck options that can cater to your wedding day are endless. From grilled cheese for the kids to cupcakes for dessert, we have you covered! No matter how picky your audience is, there are options for you to make sure everyone is happy.

Once you pick the cuisine that suits you and your guests best, Orlando Food Truck Catering can then help strategize how you want it served. We can set up buffet-style, plated or even traditional food truck style (always a huge hit on social media with the guests) to meet the unique needs of your special day. We serve food from all around the world and can also help with unique dietary restrictions or lifestyle choices such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free fare just to name a few!

Interested in getting this process started? Please let us know how we can help organize this piece of your day so that you can focus on where to sit pesky Uncle Bob. Our local connections and expertise will be sure to guide you in the right direction. Contact us at 813-802-9119 or fill out our form below to start your Food Truck catering planning for your wedding today!

Catering In Orlando With Food Trucks

The food truck scene has been bursting in Orlando ever since Food Truck Nation ranked the City Beautiful as the #3 destination in the country for Food Trucks. Since Orlando Food Truck Catering has participated in some amazing events. For instance, feeding 5,000 people in 90 minutes! We’ve helped to put on hundreds of events, caterings for weddings and corporate events. We’ve worked with big and small organizations all throughout Central FL! We handle everything and bring our expertise to the table so that you and your guests can enjoy the event without a hitch (sorry, we like truck puns over here).

If you are looking to have an event and are unsure how you’re going to feed your guests, look no further than Orlando Food Truck Catering! It’s what we do, all day, every day! Looking for someone to provide lunches for a corporate catering? Want to have a birthday party with a Mobile DJ Truck and Dance floor? Been there, done that! If you want to cater the yearly family reunion, we can help with that too. Food truck catering can be that easy with our help. We’re a one-stop shop for food truck catering, chairs, tables, music, lighting, and more. We even do weddings!

Wondering how to get started? Here are some next steps to start your journey towards an incredible event:

  1. Fill out our form
  2. Describe your needs
  3. Choose your cuisine preferences
  4. Submit the form
  5. A team member will be in touch to discuss your event

It’s that easy to get started! If you have further questions or a specific request, feel free to give us a call at 813-802-9119 or fill the form below to get started!