Wrap It Like Your Business Depends On It!

You might ask why? Well, because it does. Imagine starting a restaurant but not placing a sign on the building? Maybe just some vinyl lettering on the door? Sound like a short sighted strategy? Well, it is and it would be for a food truck wrap too.

There are many things that don’t transfer from a traditional brick and mortar concept to a food truck. Branding though, does in some ways. Often your most dominant brands have what they sell in their name. Certainly there are juggernauts that started 50 years ago that have iconic brands. Look at Shake Shack just shy of 20 years of operation. They didn’t select a name like Wendy’s, Arby’s or McDonalds. They selected a name that state some of what they do. Its intriguing and fun. Not to say you can’t have some fun with a red head and pigtails, let’s face it, Wendy’s is Savage on Social Media. If you haven’t seen some of what they do, if their burgers were half as good as their social strategy they’d be on my radar to grab a burger.

Wrapping a food truck can have a massive impact on sales, like 50% or more. Imagine every time you open, you’ll make 50% more in sales from a one time investment that lasts 3-4 years when well cared for. I wish we could have that kind of impact in many areas of your business, your financials would be amazing!

So what does a wrap usually cost? Somewhere in the realm of $4,000 – $6,000 usually depending on the size of the vehicle and removal of former wraps. That certainly is a significant sum, but, the cost of a sign on a restaurant for the most standard simple version is usually double that. Plus, when wrapping a food truck, a local government isn’t asking you to pull a permit and comply with their standards.

Branding should match the attitude and mindset of your core customer. Who is that and how serious they are can drive your artwork. Sometimes fun and playful is the way to go, other times a more serious approach is needed to suit the more formal events you are looking for.

Same goes for the name, you can certainly name your truck or trailer something offensive and get attention that way. That can also diminish someone’s desire to work with you. Some may say, my demo isn’t an elementary school anyway, so I don’t care. You certainly don’t want to be bland or boring though. Descriptive is good in our opinion, saying what you do is key. That doesn’t mean you can’t do more, one thing can just be your core competency. IE You can be the Cheesesteak Truck but still put a burger on your menu for a catering. Oh and don’t add and more to your name if possible, it just waters down your name and makes it a mouthful!

Let’s get to Wrappin! We partner with local shops and get wholesale pricing and can pass that discount on to you! Contact us today about wrapping your food truck! Our wrap services are in the Metro Tampa area.