What matters most when hiring graduation party food trucks for celebrations:

1. What type of food?

What’s the graduate prefer? Also, how about the family? Having a different types of food is nice, but, you’ll find most food trucks are very specific in what they offer and very good at that specialty.  

2. Can graduation party food trucks deliver on dietary needs?

For some party goers this is important and sometimes if you don’t have immediate family with needs it may not matter. Typically those impacted by this are reasonable and understand they are an exception to the norm, so if you can have some choices, they usually appreciate it.

3. How many food trucks for graduation party should we have?

The short answer if you can have as many as you want to pay for. We’ve done 6 trucks for 50 people, but the bill per person was impressive. Want a huge menu? Then it’s going to take longer to be served. If you have less than a hundred guests you shouldn’t need more than one truck but, if you have the budget, you can certainly have more. If more than a hundred, our team can help crunch numbers with you based on the cuisine and menu items you have in mind. Food trucks catering for a graduation need to have fast service, unless the menu is difficult, this is to be expected.

4. What’s the right amount of time for service?

Typically 2-3 hours is long enough. If coming straight from a ceremony and you’re unsure of what time you’ll actually arrive, having the truck set to serve 30 minutes after the party has started usually works well. If it sounds like that questionable timing may be a possibility having light fare to snack on makes sense. Most people do not arrive at a party super early, in fact, most show up late. Service times that are longer than 2-3 hours usually have additional fees to cover the trucks time.

5. Where should the food truck park? 

A hard flat area works well. Somewhere accessible to everyone at the party. Parking the food truck window facing the home right on the road is a popular way to do it. There are homes and locations we pull into the lawn or behind the home near a pool. Keep in mind clear height for trucks is usually around 13.5′ and they are sometimes as wide as 8.5′. The fire marshal requires food trucks be placed 10′ apart from vehicles and buildings.  

6. What about music?

This can change the whole vibe of the party. Rock concert volume not your jam? That’s ok, it doesn’t have to be loud, most music is more enjoyable when it’s not harming your hearing. Our Mobile Dj Truck rolls out great for Mobile DJ Service, see what we did there? No corny dad jokes will be given by our professional DJ’s. We’re quite sure there is enough eye rolling happening without us putting gas on that fire.

Graduation party food trucks make this easy, fast clean up and way less hassle than a traditional caterer. In order to be ready to serve trucks come an hour early. Feeding time lasts for 2-3 hours. If you have a small group, only an hour may be needed. Post service, a truck typically closes their window and cleans, they police the area to ensure it’s all clean and their ready to go. Leaving without any evidence, knowing once the tail lights are gone, there’s nothing to clean up or pack away is a great feeling. Throwing a party is enough stress, use the tips above and let’s eat!