Corporate Catering in Orlando

Looking For Corporate Catering in Orlando

Orlando Food Truck Catering has several options for catering, as we know every event has unique needs.  We have trucks that are best for lunch, others for dinner, and more for special occasions such as weddings and banquets. 

Corporate Catering – Your Guests Will Remember! Food Trucks were made to cater on location!! Get Some Options:

  • Sampling catering, a few selections being served fresh from multiple trucks, and attendees go around and select what they want. 
  • Traditional catering with a preset menu preordered online with food ready to be served. 
  • Buffett catering, pick a few selections in advance, and we’ll provide it in bulk.

Here are some examples from past clients:

For Accenture, three food trucks serving sample sizes to their employees and family at their family fall event was perfect. They had just over 250 in attendance, and everyone had the opportunity to try three unique cuisines. Kids and vegetarians both loved the gourmet grilled cheese.

An investment company in Lakeland had 50 employees that they wanted to feed as a bonus for destroying the past quarter’s goals. They had some fairly picky eaters so we did online ordering in advance so that the truck would be prepared with all the special requests that were needed. The company’s leadership and their employees were extremely pleased with the event. 

Liberty Mutual Insurance wanted to have an employee appreciation lunch and had 5 of our food trucks feed several hundred employees in a very short period of time. The result: employees are constantly asking to have food trucks back. 



3 Themes for an Unforgettable Summer Party

Are you planning a private party soon? Orlando Food Truck Catering does not only provide event catering in Orlando but can help you think of a great overall theme for your summer event.  Below we have listed 3 party themes and corresponding cuisine dishes that will bring your party together flawlessly!

  1. Luau

A Luau is a great way to kick off the summer season! We recommend having your party outdoors with tiki huts, tiki torches, and leis for all your guests. Our Hawaiian food truck is the perfect solution for your event. Jerk chicken mixed with fruity drinks are the ingredients for a perfect party.

  1. Carnival

Celebrating with a carnival themed party is sure to bring back many great memories of nostalgia! We recommend incorporating fun and easy outdoor games such as a can toss game or a ring toss! Providing your guests with prizes such as cotton candy and stuffed animals will allow them to feel like they are really at a carnival. Our food truck would supply American style food such as hotdogs and hamburgers to complete the event.

  1. Fiesta

Planning a fiesta for your event is easy and delicious! We recommend our Mexican cuisine featuring tacos, salsa, and of course guacamole! Including sombreros, Piñatas, and brightly colored decorations will bring your event to life.

Our event catering in Orlando is the perfect solution for your next summer party! Contact us today at (407) 961-7782 to make a reservation for our catering services!

3 Reasons to Have a Corporate Catering Event

Satisfy your company’s hunger for success with our corporate catering services in Orlando! We believe life is meant to be celebrated with food and fun! Since we spend countless hours working each week, it is important to create a balance of work and pleasure in the office. Below we have created 3 reasons why you should be having corporate catering events all the time!

  1. Employee Appreciation

Demonstrating your appreciation for your employee’s is a great way to enhance the overall experience of your company. When employees feel their work is being recognized and appreciated, they are more likely to produce quality work and stay on your team longer!

  1. Celebrating Achievements

It is important to view your company as one big team. Celebrating your company’s little accomplishments will make celebrating the big milestones even better! Having a celebratory luncheon for meeting your monthly goals is an easy way to enjoy your hard work.

  1. Team Building

Creating a workplace that celebrates teamwork and company accomplishments will yield a positive environment and an imitable culture. Your employees will value their work more if they have a positive and energetic atmosphere in the office.

Show your employee’s how much you appreciate them by contacting us today at (407) 961-7782! We bring the food and fun, while you create the success and satisfaction!

How to Have a Perfect Summer Bash

Summer is here which means outdoor parties with your friends and families! Orlando Food Truck Catering is your one stop shop for food, entertainment, and party ideas! We believe good food is essential for any event, which is why we offer a wide variety of cuisine options to best fit your needs. Below we have the 3 party essentials you must have at your next event!

  1. Food

Our food truck catering in Florida offers a fun and trendy cooking service that provides you with delicious food that your guests will love. Our BBQ food truck is a fan favorite for outdoor summer parties!

  1. Entertainment

Outdoor games are a fun way to entertain your guests! We recommend corn hole as a way to encourage a little friendly competition among your guests. We also offer a mobile DJ truck that supplies the tunes and a dance floor for your guests to enjoy.

  1. Decorations

Decorating for a summer bash is fun and simple! We recommend using bright colors such as turquoise and pink in items such as plates, cups, banners, and table cloths. Depending on the location, utilizing citronella candles and tiki torches will add a decorative approach to helping clear the area of mosquitos and bugs.

Celebrate in style with our food truck catering in Florida! If you are planning on having a summer party, contact us at (407) 961-7782 to learn more about our cuisine options.

3 Ways to Have an Epic Grand Opening for Your Business

They say you only get one chance to make a lasting impression, which is why it is important to make your company’s grand opening epic and unforgettable! It is crucial to market your overall brand in such a way that creates an experience for your customer. This will evoke emotion and encourage them to visualize your products in a positive way that will impact their life for the better. Below we have come up with three easy ways to plan a successful grand opening.

  1. Catering

When appealing to your customers, always remember everyone loves good food. Our food truck catering services appeal to trendy yet functional companies that want to impress their customer’s with delicious food! We offer a wide range of cuisine options that your guests are sure to love.

  1. Freebies & Samples

People love getting free items! Use this to your advantage and give people a chance to fall in love with your products, so they can become repeat customers. Freebies can be given out in the form prize drawings, gift baskets, gift cards, and so many more fun ways.

  1. Entertainment

Not only do we offer food truck catering in Florida, but we also can provide entertainment for your grand opening! Our Mobile DJ is a great way to bundle our services and receive twice the fun for your event.

Are you ready to have an impressive grand opening for your business? Contact us today at (407) 961-7782 to make a reservation for our catering services!

How Food Trucks Expand Your Palate

Food Trucks are a great way to introduce you to unique and appetizing cuisine options that are culturally diverse. When looking for food catering in Orlando, look to Orlando Food Truck Catering to help make your next event memorable and delicious! We pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of popular cuisines to better fit the needs of your event.

American, Cajun, Hawaiian, Portuguese, and Mediterranean, are just a few examples of our wide array of cuisine options that span the globe. Whether you are planning a Luau for your summer bash with our Hawaiian cuisine or a corporate event with delicious Asian cuisine, the possibilities are endless.

Often times when we are limited to eating out at restaurants in our local communities, we tend to stick to food items that we are familiar with. Food trucks enable us to try new menu items that are not necessarily in our comfort zones but will broaden our palate and our cultural awareness. Our food truck catering services eliminate the hardships of traditional catering such as, keeping the food warm, transporting the food, and serving it in a designated area. We make it easy for you to receive the good food you deserve! If you are planning a party that needs catering services, contact us at (407) 961-7782 to schedule our food truck today.



3 Reasons Why Food Trucks are Trending in the Office

Food trucks are thriving in the business industry for other reasons than just their delicious food! Having a food truck at your workplace is convenient and functional compared to traditional catering services. Below we have created three reasons why your next work event should include a food truck.

  1. Fresher Food

Food trucks are able to provide the freshest food possible because they are on wheels. If they need something for their menu, they can easily drive themselves to the store to get the ingredients. Your employees will be happy you took the time to schedule our Lake Nona food trucks for your corporate event because of our fresh food options!

  1. Can Easily Accommodate for Food Allergies

Ensuring your employee’s food allergies are communicated effectively to catering services is important to ensure their health and safety! Food trucks allow easy communication between the customer and the cook to ensure all food allergies are known before consumption.

  1. No Kitchen? No Problem!

Food Trucks are great for the workplace if your office does not have a kitchen area for your employees. This is ideal because it allows your employees to eat delicious food without having to worry about the clean-up process.

Food trucks offer a wide variety of benefits for your corporate events. If you are considering catering for your next office event, look to Orlando Food Truck Catering! Contact us today at (407) 961-7782 to learn more about our cuisine catering options.