Hospital Catering in Central Florida

What better way to feed the masses at a healthcare facility than be able to increase production by increasing the number of kitchens to be successful with a Hospital Catering. Everything from the types of food being served to selecting the right food trucks can have a huge impact on getting things done quickly while delivering delicious and hot food.

Hospital Catering

We understand the importance of getting back on the floor to care for patients. Each hospital we work with is a little unique and we adjust our approach to service accordingly. Some times it has to do with when shifts end and being, different departments inclusion or the timing for bringing some close by offsite staff into the event at the proper time. The timing of team members coming out to eat can also have an impact, knowing those point loads and calculating how fast we need to put food out is one of our keys to making administrators and staff pleased with the outcomes. We could ramble on about more best practices about hospital employee appreciations but, your use case will change the approach on how we execute. For instance, one of our largest hospital clients is under construction, we all know what that can do to flow of operations, parking etc much less throw an event in the middle of it. We’re setting up in the parking garage for ease of access and central location. Whether you’re under construction, in a downtown location with limited parking or other challenges reach out, we’ll do what we can to provide a good solution.

Get help feeding up to 10,000 people by contacting us. We serve Orlando, Lake Nona, Kissimmee, St. Cloud, Winter Park, and the surrounding areas.