Treat Your Staff To Lunch Anywhere In Central Florida

There is one thing on this planet that can bring people together, good food.  Everywhere around the world, people converge at tables everywhere to talk, laugh, and enjoy a delicious meal!  We can help you cater with food trucks in Orlando for your next social gathering or even an employee appreciation party.  We can bring any kind of party to you, style of food, style of service are up to you!  We can even bring a Mobile DJ truck to keep the party going!

Wraps being prepared

Employee Catering Central Florida

Central Florida Food Trucks


The popularity of food trucks have been gaining steam over the last few years, and for good reason!  Food trucks allow chefs to stretch their culinary chops, while offering a variety of delicious, locally sourced fresh foods to their guests, and they can literally go anywhere!  The sustainability of the concept allows you to have fantastic food with no limitations on your imagination!


Treat Yourself! (And your Staff)


We all know that a staff that is appreciated is one that will work hard and stay with your company.  Everyone loves lunch, why not show your staff some love with some fantastic, fresh eats?  We can do all the planning, and maybe even have a departmental rotating monthly lunch event.  Oh, and did I mention that it counts as a business write off?  Try to find a downside, I don’t think you can!


Central Florida Catering


One of the wonderful things about Central Florida is that there are so many types of careers in the area, and maybe you don’t have space for a food truck to come and set up.  Don’t worry! We can cater any kind business, event, or gathering inside or out. With all of the options that we offer between budget, cuisine, and style of service, (don’t forget set up and clean up!) There’s no better reason to call Orlando Food Truck Catering can take care of all your event needs!