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How To Build A Food Truck In Orlando – 5 Important Things

Do you have a passion for food, business, and portability?

There are plenty of folks that say they want to start a Food Truck. You look serious though. There are so many things to consider, however.

We live, breath, and book food trucks. As renowned experts in the food truck field, our expertise spans from brand conception to coordinating caterings for thousands of people. We consult, sell and used to modify food trucks, share best practices with potential food truck owners, and much more. We have compiled the top 5 considerations as you look to start your Food Truck journey:

One of the complete models that Florida Food Truck Builders has completed

  1. Buying a Food Truck – It’s crucial to build a Food Truck right…not fast. One way to avoid the hassle of waiting and guessing on what you need it so purchase a completed food truck to people looking to get a jumpstart on their Food Truck process. This can save a lot of time if you’re looking to get started sooner rather than later. There are several sites, including Used Food Trucks For Sale, that market and sell these trucks and trailers.
  2. Food Truck Fabrication – Do you already have a truck? Just need some help in getting things started? We recommend speaking to a few existing Food Truck owners to ensure you have what you need, it’s up to standards, and you are good-to-go from a code perspective. The building process does take longer, but it can be worth it if you’re in it for the long run. You want your truck built correctly and not just quickly.
  3. Food Truck Insurance – Here at Orlando Food Truck Catering, we take insurance seriously, and if you’re a business owner or thinking about becoming one, you should, too. It protects your customers, your employees, your business, and you. After working with dozens of agents and agencies, we found one group that really stood out: Fairchild, Addison & McKone. The company offers exceptional expertise in insurance service and a culture with employees who genuinely care. Regardless of who you use, insurance is essential to run an effective truck.
  4. Employees/Staffing – With all of the business side of the truck, it’s important you have someone to staff it! Plenty of owners work within their trucks, but you can’t do it all. You need consistent employees that understand the basic concepts of working in a Food Truck that are reliable, courteous, and efficient. Need some help finding those folks? You have to hit up friends, family, former co workers – you have to work your network!
  5. Food Truck Wrapping/Aesthetics – Branding matters. Whether it’s your name, the concept, and especially the truck. No one wants to eat at a truck that doesn’t look like it is in tip-top shape. From wrap prep (priming and painting before the truck gets wrapped) to design and execution, these are all crucial elements to consider. We can actually help with wrapping your truck with a partner in Tampa, they do great work! Reach out and we can get you a quote.

We know that there are tremendous amounts of things to consider when you are starting a food truck. We recommend attending one of our Food Truck Seminars (in-person or remote) to learn about everything you need to know to start your truck.

Want to list your food truck or food trailer for sale on our Florida Food Trucks For Sale site? Email or call (813) 802-9119 for more details.

Orlando Wedding Catering Done Right!

There are a plethora of reasons to choose a food truck for dinner service at your wedding, but the best one has to be that it is a completely customized experience.

It’s all about you and your partner!  There is no such thing as “Option A, B or C”.  With Orlando Food Truck Catering the options are virtually whatever you can dream up! Wedding Food Trucks

The best thing about having a food truck at your wedding, is that you have a fresh, hot, kitchen on site serving up your favorite dishes for you and your guests.  There’s no reheating of food, and no microwaved plated appetizers being passed around for hours on end.  You won’t wonder if this was the leftover food from the wedding the night before.  The food truck prepares your food, fresh, there for you in your own mobile wedding kitchen!

We work with the truck (or trucks) of your choosing, and serve the menu of your dreams!  Using the freshest ingredients, to help tell the perfect story to accompany the celebration of you and your love.  Since your kitchen can show up to wherever you are, whether it’s at a ballroom, or one of Orlando’s beautiful outdoor locations, the quality of the meal served will be absolutely bar none.  Your wedding day isn’t a mass-produced day, choose a food truck and make it a meal as priceless as your celebration!

If there are any questions, or you want to learn more about how a Food Truck could catering your wedding in Central Florida, call us today at 407-900-6481!