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Thinking of Destination Weddings in Orlando? Here Are Some Ideas For Catering Your Special Day

Your wedding day should be one to remember for the rest of your life!

Florida is home to a diverse range of cultures and food and is a perfect place to plan a destination wedding that fits your needs. Are you thinking about making your way to Sunshine State for your special day? With Orlando’s beautiful blend of diverse thoughts, ideas and food, we can’t think of a better place to make your dreams come true with your partner.

Wedding Food Trucks

With Orlando’s plethora of cultures that all come together, your choices are endless for food options! Have a taste of Mexico without leaving the country through Tameles or Authentic Tacos or bring some of the New England culture with you with our Lobster truck. The food truck options that can cater to your wedding day are endless. From grilled cheese for the kids to cupcakes for dessert, we have you covered! No matter how picky your audience is, there are options for you to make sure everyone is happy.

Once you pick the cuisine that suits you and your guests best, Orlando Food Truck Catering can then help strategize how you want it served. We can set up buffet-style, plated or even traditional food truck style (always a huge hit on social media with the guests) to meet the unique needs of your special day. We serve food from all around the world and can also help with unique dietary restrictions or lifestyle choices such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free fare just to name a few!

Interested in getting this process started? Please let us know how we can help organize this piece of your day so that you can focus on where to sit pesky Uncle Bob. Our local connections and expertise will be sure to guide you in the right direction. Contact us at 407-900-6481 or fill out our form below to start your Food Truck catering planning for your wedding today!

Wedding Catering With A Food Truck

The food that is served on your big day is such an intricate part of your celebration, that some say it could make or break the whole thing!  We’ve already talked about how you can have fantastic food set up at any location, for cocktail hour, dinner or dessert, or even brunch the following morning for your close family and friends the next morning, let Orlando Food Truck Catering handle it all for you!

Wedding Catering With A Food Truck

Let’s talk about the logistics of having one a fabulous food truck (or trucks) at your Central Florida wedding.  Like any kind of wedding planning, the sooner you contact us with your date, the more options you have for securing your first choice truck(s) and you can start planning the perfect menu for your day.  At least six months out is ideal, as that leaves plenty of time to finalize the details of the contract, place the deposit and make sure all of the ducks are in a row.  We can certainly move faster, but, the further out we are contacted, the more likely we’ll be able to dazzle you with every detail playing out exactly as you dreamed.

Next, we’ll start working on the logistics of the evening.  Timing at a wedding is everything, especially in Central Florida, so we make it our duty to assure that the truck is arrived and set up in a manner so that it’s ready when you and your guests are and your meal is served promptly.  We understand that there’s a very important timeline that coordinates with set up and prep for the food truck.  Depending upon the time of service and they style of food, they will arrive at least two hours before the time of service to make sure nothing is interrupted, and your celebration has hot wonderful dishes that compliment your fantastic day.

The other variable that dictates set up time is the style of service that you and your partner choose.  Window service from the truck will obviously take less time than setting up than something that is served buffet style (whether it be inside or outside).  No matter any of the choices you make in your celebration, Orlando Food Truck Catering can ensure that everything about your food service is timely and fantastic for your celebration!

Depending on the size of the wedding, we may need one truck to complete service, but for larger weddings we’ve had as many as five trucks (wedding of 400). So while doing your planning, wipe the sweat from your brow and say, “I’m glad my guest count is ‘X’…. as long as it’s less than 400” :).

Call us today at 407-900-6481 to schedule a food truck for your wedding. If needed, please feel free to also enquire about our Mobile DJ Truck that can also suit your needs.