Orlando Got the Third Position for Best Food Trucks in Nation

Today, a new generation of street-food lovers, such as food trucks and food carts, is growing like never before. They know neither the food truck nor food carts are new on the streets of American cities. Like so many popular trends, they are the latest version of long-standing American and world cultural trends. Yet the street-food industry has not enjoyed such publicity in the past.

If you like food trucks, you live in the right place.

Orlando was voted the No. 3 city in the country for food trucks nation’s best food truck list.

Their website said that the list was judged on three categories: How easy it is to get food truck permits and licenses in a given city, what are the restrictions on cities for food trucks and how the food truck operates in each city are there.

Orlando was the only city to rank among the top 5 in all three categories. City Beauty was given the third overall position.

Portland had the No. 2 position as the best food truck city after Denver.

Orlando was the only city in Florida to make the list.

The city of Orlando debuts new concert and food truck event at Lake Eola

Orlando City is bringing a new “signature program” for the Eola Park Lake, called Orlando Sound Byte, in combination with “Orlando’s Hip Contemporary Pak View” with live concerts.

U.S. The Chamber of Commerce Foundation (website) has released results from a nationwide study called Food Truck Nation, which is in relation to its overall “food truck-friendliness” in the top cities of the country.

Orlando came in third place because of cheap permits, low operating fees, and navigational municipal restrictions on the city’s website.

Food trucks are estimated to be a $2 billion+ industry in cities across the country, and according to this study, there has been an increase in revenue of more than 300 percent in the industry.

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