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Orlando Got the Third Position for Best Food Trucks in Nation

Today, a new generation of street-food lovers, such as food trucks and food carts, is growing like never before. They know neither the food truck nor food carts are new on the streets of American cities. Like so many popular trends, they are the latest version of long-standing American and world cultural trends. Yet the street-food industry has not enjoyed such publicity in the past.

If you like food trucks, you live in the right place.

Orlando was voted the No. 3 city in the country for food trucks nation’s best food truck list.

Their website said that the list was judged on three categories: How easy it is to get food truck permits and licenses in a given city, what are the restrictions on cities for food trucks and how the food truck operates in each city are there.

Orlando was the only city to rank among the top 5 in all three categories. City Beauty was given the third overall position.

Portland had the No. 2 position as the best food truck city after Denver.

Orlando was the only city in Florida to make the list.

The city of Orlando debuts new concert and food truck event at Lake Eola

Orlando City is bringing a new “signature program” for the Eola Park Lake, called Orlando Sound Byte, in combination with “Orlando’s Hip Contemporary Pak View” with live concerts.

U.S. The Chamber of Commerce Foundation (website) has released results from a nationwide study called Food Truck Nation, which is in relation to its overall “food truck-friendliness” in the top cities of the country.

Orlando came in third place because of cheap permits, low operating fees, and navigational municipal restrictions on the city’s website.

Food trucks are estimated to be a $2 billion+ industry in cities across the country, and according to this study, there has been an increase in revenue of more than 300 percent in the industry.

If you need help with finding a food truck to cater an event or have any other food truck related concern, then you can reach out to us. We would love to help you find a solution that works for you!


House Party With Food Trucks – It’s Like Bread and Butter

Did someone say house party?

Planning an incredible gathering at your Central Florida home? Don’t want to spend the entire time stuck behind a stove or a grill?  Don’t worry, we can help!  Whether you want a casual backyard BBQ, or something a little fancier, such as charcuterie and amuse bouches. we can make that happen too!

For years it’s been about keeping up with the Jones’, and the Jones’ are awesome people, so we don’t want anyone to one up each other, but having a food truck cater at your home would give you more time to spend with them, and really get to enjoy how cool the Jones’ really are! (see their home below, those are full size food trucks at one of our caterings)

Bringing a food truck to your home for your next gathering will only bring you more time to enjoy!  There’s not set up or break down, and you’re not stuck in the kitchen all night, unless you’re there enjoying a drink with your guests.  You’ll be the life of the party with fantastic food and all of the best antidotes!  We can set up anywhere, inside your home, or you guys can grab it directly from the truck, the sky is literally the limit, so bring us your ideas, there’s nothing we’d love more than making it a reality!

Give us a call, and ask us about all of the different options we can explore for your next shindig anywhere in the Central Florida area, and whatever you can dream up, we can make a reality, with our network of chefs and trucks available, (Including a DJ Truck) we can make any party everyone will be talking about for years to come.

Are you not in the greater Orlando area?  It just so happens we have a sister company in Tampa!
Give Tampa Bay Food Trucks a call for your next home catering!


Central Florida Emergency Catering – Last Minute Catering

 Emergency Catering  


We’ve all been there, had a last minute events, catering fall through, etc, etc, etc. Any number of variables can leave you with an empty plate and hungry guests.  If you’re in Windermere, Thorton Park, or Avalon, or anywhere else near Orlando and central Florida don’t worry, we can help!


Think of us as that friend you can always count on to save the day, with as little as 12 hours notice, we can make sure any event goes off without a hitch.  We have a network of over 150 chefs, which can make sure that even though you’re in the final countdown, we can make sure that whatever your needs may be, we can make it happen.


I mean  you can always head to the standby, cold cuts on platters, which would feed everyone, but is anyone ever really happy about those little sandwiches?  We can bring you a mobile kitchen to prepare any kind of food you’d like.  Now, we can’t always promise your first choice (sometimes that does happen!) but we can promise, is fresh, fantastic food.


If you find yourself with a catering snafu, and you think your event might take a sharp left turn, give us the call and let us save the day!  Let us bring some food that will wow you, and your guests, (ask about the mobile DJ truck too, we can keep the party going) but we know we’ll win you over with our professionalism and delicacies you’ll call us back for every event after that, and we can’t wait!


Not in the Central Florida area?  Not a problem!  Check our our sister company catering company Tampa Bay Food Trucks.


Practical Approach To Wedding Catering With A Food Truck

The food that is served on your big day is such an intricate part of your big day, that some say it could make or break the whole celebration.  We’ve already talked about how you can have fantastic food set up at any location, for cocktail hour, dinner or dessert, or even brunch the following morning for your close family and friends the next morning, let Orlando Food Truck Catering handle it all for you!

Let’s talk about the logistics of having one a fabulous food truck (or trucks!) at your central Florida wedding.  Like any kind of wedding planning, the sooner you contact us with your date, the more options you have for securing your first choice truck(s) and you can start on planning the perfect menu for your day.  At least six months out is ideal, as that leave plenty of time to finalize the details of the contract, place the deposit and make sure all of the ducks are in a row.  We can certainly move faster, but, the further out the more likely we’ll be able to dazzle you with every detail playing out exactly as you dreamed.

Next, we’ll start working on the logistics of the evening.  Timing at a wedding is everything, especially in central Florida, so we make it our duty to assure that the truck is arrived and set up in a manner that it’s ready when you are and your meal is served promptly.  There’s a very important timeline that is your wedding that coordinates with set up and prep for the food truck.  Depending upon the time of service and they style of food, they will arrive at least two hours before the time of service to make sure nothing is interrupted, and your celebration has hot wonderful dishes that compliment your fantastic day.

The other variable that dictates set up time is the style of service that you and your partner choose.  Window service from the truck will obviously take less time than setting up than something that is served buffet style (whether it be inside or outside).  No matter any of the choices you make in your celebration, Orlando Food Truck Catering can ensure that everything about your food service is timely and fantastic for your celebration! Sometimes we need one truck to complete service, for larger weddings we’ve had as many as five trucks, this being for a wedding of 400. So while doing your planning wipe the sweat from your brow and say, I’m glad my guest count is whatever your number as long as it’s less than 400 :).

Grand Openings Are Better With Food Trucks!

It’s been scientifically proven, fine, no it hasn’t, but, tons of people have told us grand openings are better with food trucks in Central Florida than without. Opening any new business, community, or facility can be as stressful as it is exciting.  Your grand opening is an incredibly important event that shows your neighbors and peers your incredible new accomplishment.  Your grand opening should be a showcase of all of your hard work and dedication, but oftentimes with the amount of groundwork that it takes to plan this event, things slip through the cracks.  Between all of the invitations, press releases, social media management, let Orlando Food Truck Catering handle the food and the entertainment and let you worry about more important things.


Food truck catering is so much simpler than traditional catering, and comes with far more variety.  There will be no concerns about freshness, or the amount of choices available.  Dietary restrictions are no longer a concern, with all of the options available, there really is something for everyone.  Share with us all of your needs, and let us handle the rest, just provide us with a place to park and we’ll take it from there.  We have the knowledge and experience to make any event go off without a hitch, large or small.


Your grand opening allows you to connect with peers and potential clients within the local area. This opportunity for networking is invaluable.  By having Orlando Food Truck Catering provide any type of food, you can provide ‘vouchers’ for your guests by having them provide their contact information in exchange for a ticket.  You’re providing and experience, and you’re receiving not only contact information, but building life long clients, who’s first experience is sure to be shared with their friends and colleagues.  This isn’t required, sometimes clients tell us to let their guests eat to their hearts desire and once again it’s not been scientifically proven but, we fulfill those desires like 50 shades of pudding.


Whether you choose Orlando Food Truck Catering to make your grand opening less stressful, or if you see us as a fabulous marketing opportunity, we are in your corner to handle all of the stress that planning your event entails.  We have the experience, staff and above all the perfect food to make your grand opening the talk of the town for years to come.

Food Truck Office Catering > Corporate Catering

Tired of the normal office catering routine?  Someone will bring bagels, or a salad bar, or cold cut sandwiches; and no one is every really excited about it.  It’s so blase.  Have you ever thought about shaking the ‘norm’ and bringing in food trucks for catering! There’s a laundry list of benefits of this service.

  • Variety – We can bring you any kind of cuisine you’d like! We have trucks that specialize in a variety of styles from all around the world!  Make an office poll and make it a fun event!
  • Convenience – We bring lunch to you!  Everyone saves money on gas, no messes to clean up, and no ‘disappearing acts’ from people enjoying a long lunch.
  • Team Building – There’s nothing more fun then mixing those departments over some delicious food.  Get everyone up from behind their desks and interacting with one another.  Everyone will make a new friends around the office!
  • Simplicity – A completely stress free afternoon, filled with fantastic food and happy employees.  We can even do vouchers, so everyone walks up, claims their meal and their drink, so there’s not even an exchange of cash to clog up the line!

Food truck catering lunches let you have it all; happy employees, increased productivity, and a delicious meal!  Contact us today to set up your next corporate lunch catering!

Treat Your Staff To Lunch Anywhere In Central Florida

There is one thing on this planet that can bring people together, good food.  Everywhere around the world, people converge at tables everywhere to talk, laugh, and enjoy a delicious meal!  We can help you cater with food trucks in Orlando for your next social gathering or even an employee appreciation party.  We can bring any kind of party to you, style of food, style of service are up to you!  We can even bring a Mobile DJ truck to keep the party going!

Wraps being prepared

Employee Catering Central Florida

Central Florida Food Trucks


The popularity of food trucks have been gaining steam over the last few years, and for good reason!  Food trucks allow chefs to stretch their culinary chops, while offering a variety of delicious, locally sourced fresh foods to their guests, and they can literally go anywhere!  The sustainability of the concept allows you to have fantastic food with no limitations on your imagination!


Treat Yourself! (And your Staff)


We all know that a staff that is appreciated is one that will work hard and stay with your company.  Everyone loves lunch, why not show your staff some love with some fantastic, fresh eats?  We can do all the planning, and maybe even have a departmental rotating monthly lunch event.  Oh, and did I mention that it counts as a business write off?  Try to find a downside, I don’t think you can!


Central Florida Catering


One of the wonderful things about Central Florida is that there are so many types of careers in the area, and maybe you don’t have space for a food truck to come and set up.  Don’t worry! We can cater any kind business, event, or gathering inside or out. With all of the options that we offer between budget, cuisine, and style of service, (don’t forget set up and clean up!) There’s no better reason to call Orlando Food Truck Catering can take care of all your event needs!

Employee Appreciation Lunches | 5 Tips On Getting The Job Done

Employee Appreciation Events – Central Florida

It’s that time of year again, you’re starting to plan your employee appreciation party, and you don’t want to do the same routine from last year, and the year before that.  Don’t worry, we have you covered!  What could be more fun than an outdoor, catered lunch event?  Get your staff out from behind their desks, and out and mingling with each other! Not only can we provide an incredible lunch, but we can also provide live entertainment as well!


Here’s our list of how to put together an incredible food truck employee appreciation event!

  • Make sure there are tables and chairs available so everyone can enjoy their meal in a relaxed environment.
  • If it’s hot, put up some tents or have us put up a large tent for shade, this is Central Florida after all.
  • Did you know that we have a mobile DJ truck?  Let us provide some fantastic tunes to keep the lunch vibe going strong!
  • Calling all departments that are like silos, we know you are doing top secret stuff, but that doesn’t mean ignore us. Host games and competitions to encourage interdepartmental mingling to build team morale.
  • Give us a call! We’ll provide a delicious meal, as well as set up and break down, which means no cleaning for you!

By choosing Orlando Food Truck Catering, you’re setting yourself up to be the best boss of all time!  We can do any cuisine, bring a mobile DJ, and did we mention that we manage the entire event at no additional cost?  You now have a fun, low maintenance employee appreciation party! The whole office will be talking about it, and then your only challenge is, how do you top yourself for next year?  Easy, call us again and we’ll bring out a whole different set of Orlando Food Trucks and change the programming and menu selections.

Orlando Wedding Catering Done Right!

There are a plethora of reasons why choosing a food truck for your dinner service at your wedding, but the best has to be that is a completely customized experience, all about you, and your partner.  There is no such thing as “option A, B or C”.  With Orlando Food Truck Catering the option is you, and that is whatever you can dream up! Wedding Food Trucks


The best thing about having a food truck at your wedding, is that you have a fresh, hot, kitchen on site serving up your favorite dishes for you and your guests.  There’s no reheating of food, no microwaved plated appetizers being passed around for hours on end.  You won’t wonder if this was the leftover food from the wedding the night before.  The food truck prepares your food, fresh, there for you in your own mobile wedding kitchen!


We work with the truck (or trucks!) of your choosing, and serving the menu of your dreams!  Using the freshest ingredients, to help tell the perfect story to accompany the celebration of you and your love.  Since your kitchen can show up to wherever you are, whether it’s at a ballroom, or one of Florida’s beautiful outdoor locations, the quality of the meal served will be absolutely bar none.  Your wedding day isn’t a mass-produced day, choose a food truck and make it a meal as priceless as your celebration!

3 Events that are Perfect for Food Truck Catering

events for food truck cateringIf you’re the host of a large event or party, you’re probably wondering how to adequately and affordably feed your guests. While standard caterers are a go-to for some, the option of using a food truck as a caterer is easier to manage and definitely more fun for your guests. Here are some events that could benefit from using a food truck caterer.

Birthday parties – Having a gathering at a local park or picnic grove for someone’s birthday, and you’re unsure how you’ll get a caterer there? Food trucks are a great for this since they can feed as many people as you need them to, as well as setup and leave fairly quickly after the birthday part is over.

Wine and/or beer festival – With warmer weather around the corner, people will be heading outdoors to local wine and/or beer festivals. If your guests are drinking alcohol in hot temperatures, you’ll definitely want food and refreshments on hand. Having food trucks cater this type of event not only gives variety to your event goers, but it also makes it easy for them to grab a snack or water wherever they head to at the event.

Employee appreciation events – If you’re part of the HR department at a company and want to show your employees just how much they’re valued, throwing them a catered party is a perfect way to tell them. Having a food truck or two in the parking lot is an easy way to feed a lot of people, and is a fun, unique way to celebrate everything they do for your company.

If you’re looking for Lake Nona food trucks to cater your next event, contact us today at (407) 961-7782 today and see just what we can do at Orlando Food Truck Catering!