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Corporate Catering in Orlando

Looking For Corporate Catering in Orlando

Orlando Food Truck Catering has several options for catering, as we know every event has unique needs.  We have trucks that are best for lunch, others for dinner, and more for special occasions such as weddings and banquets. 

Corporate Catering – Your Guests Will Remember! Food Trucks were made to cater on location!! Get Some Options:

  • Sampling catering, a few selections being served fresh from multiple trucks, and attendees go around and select what they want. 
  • Traditional catering with a preset menu preordered online with food ready to be served. 
  • Buffett catering, pick a few selections in advance, and we’ll provide it in bulk.

Here are some examples from past clients:

For Accenture, three food trucks serving sample sizes to their employees and family at their family fall event was perfect. They had just over 250 in attendance, and everyone had the opportunity to try three unique cuisines. Kids and vegetarians both loved the gourmet grilled cheese.

An investment company in Lakeland had 50 employees that they wanted to feed as a bonus for destroying the past quarter’s goals. They had some fairly picky eaters so we did online ordering in advance so that the truck would be prepared with all the special requests that were needed. The company’s leadership and their employees were extremely pleased with the event. 

Liberty Mutual Insurance wanted to have an employee appreciation lunch and had 5 of our food trucks feed several hundred employees in a very short period of time. The result: employees are constantly asking to have food trucks back.